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Classical methods used in the Grammar Stage:

  • Chants & Rhymes. Students internalize the parts of speech and their functions through chants and rhymes which provide a memorable beat. Students learn the major events of world history by chanting a timeline with hand motions that spans from creation to the modern day.

  • Songs & Hymns. Students enjoy singing hymns Friday Assembly. 

  • Memorization.  Students learn all the sounds associated with the 70 basic English phonograms. Students memorize a collection of poems as part of "Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization" . Students memorize Scripture which is recited during bible. Students learn poems in science which explain scientific properties. Students use flash cards to learn math facts.

  • Presentations and public speaking.  Students regularly make presentations and perform recitations in front of their classmates. 


Classical methods used in the Logic Stage:

  • Memorization.  Students continue to memorize a collection of poems as part of "Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization" . Students memorize scripture which is recited during Bibile, and they often continue to memorize subject-related material through chants and sound-offs.

  • Formal Logic instruction. Through a course in logic, students learn about deductive and inductive reasoning, fallacies, and argumentation.

  • Oral Argumentation. Students learn to present and defend their positions in a face-to-face setting.

  • Composition. Students are trained in the art of skillful writing by learning the fundamentals of descriptive writing, biographical sketches, chronological narratives, and even scientific observations.  


Classical methods used in the Rhetoric Stage:

  • Public speaking. Students continue to present to their teachers and classmates, incorporating more advanced topics and arguments.

  • Extemporaneous speaking. Students have the opportunity to formulate a coherent and well-organized speech about a topic given to them spontaneously.

  • Socratic Discussion. Students are called upon in class are expected to be able to engage with the subject material, express a viewpoint, and be able to offer constructive input to the class discussion. 

  • Senior Thesis. Each senior student will choose a topic and crafts a thesis incorporating the learning of his or her time at EPCS. The thesis is defended orally in front of a panel of judges.

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