At El Paso Christian School our goal is  to educate each student effectively and appropriately through a thoroughly Christian worldview using Classical methodologies. Our students follow a curriculum rich in writing, history, mathematics, literature, science, Bible, foreign language, music, and art, emphasizing integration of the courses not just within a particular grade level, but across all grade levels. Through the use of time-tested methodologies, our students become equipped to read critically and  express themselves effectively in writing and speech. 

El Paso Christian School Prepares Students To:


Demonstrate their love for the Lord by the way they respect, treat and love others.


Become sprititual leaders who come to know God and glorify him in all that they do. 

Distinguish between what is true and what is not. 

Equipped to share their faith and the knowledge of His saving grace with others. 




We believe that Christian education is more than simply offering Bible classes and chapel every week. At El Paso Christian School, Christian education involves a holistic approach to forming the Christian identity of our students impacting everything that they do.  

10061 Rushing Rd., El Paso, Texas  79924    915.588.2103

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth.   -3 John 1:4       

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